My name is Nanda Hoep (Schoonhoven, 1959). 
I developed myself through drawing, watercolor and 
as a ceramist. 
Eventually I began with drawing portraits in pastel. 
The latter led around 1993 to a switch to oil, 
and the first portrait commissions soon followed. 
During a long journey through South Africa, 
I was impressed by the powerful presence of the
 free-living animals, and the need arose to also 
start making wildlife portraits. 
So now I paint oil portraits of man and animal, 
and I participated in various exhibitions in my
own country as well as abroad.
Characteristic of the singularity in my work is 
the approach to the subject, which is mainly 
expressed in the way of cropping - macro - and lighting. 
Spectators (and new owners) of my work often feel 
very close to the animal by the look in the eyes 
and the majestic, unique and untouchable 
appearance of the portrayed animal. 

You can always contact me for more details, commissions
(including wildlife, pets) or an acquaintance. I also can 
provide information about the prices, which are dependent 
on the type of painting. 

This is possible via the contact form (see "Contact"), or at: 
- E-mail: / tel 06-49981525. 

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